Financial help for health

Open enrollment through health insurance marketplaces begins on November 15, 2014.

Enrollment in Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program is open year round for those who are eligible.

Also, if you've lost your health insurance or experienced a life change like getting married or having a baby,
you may be able to enroll today.

See if you can get coverage and financial help to pay for your plan.

Financial Help: The Basics

If you qualify for the special enrollment period through the marketplace, you may be eligible for financial help.

There are three ways you might get financial help to pay for health insurance.

You can find out if you qualify at your state’s health insurance marketplace.

1 Lower Premiums

Millions of Americans are eligible for tax credits to lower the cost of their monthly premium.

2 Lower Out-of-Pocket Costs

Some people - within certain incomes - can also get help to pay for things like prescriptions and co-pays.

3 Low-cost or Free Coverage

And, in some states, more people can get low-cost or free coverage through Medicaid or CHIP. Enrollment in these programs is year-round.

Real Numbers

She's only paying
for a $999/month plan.

See what you might save.

She's saving
on her insurance plan.

See what you might save.

He and his
wife are saving

on their plan.

See what you might save.

She saved
on her plan.

See what you might save.

She’s saving
paying just $55/month
for her plan

See what you might save.

He's only paying
for private insurance
for a $349/month plan

See what you might save.

Her plan offers
great coverage for


See what you might save.

He saves
paying $78/month
for his plan

See what you might save.
People across the country got financial help
to pay for their health insurance. You might qualify too!

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Help to Pay Your Premiums

Learn more about financial help and how it works with the Health Tax Credit Tool
brought to you by Consumer Reports and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

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Real Stories

Tom & Janey

Florida small business owners Tom and Janey were trapped in an expensive health plan that offered little coverage. With financial help, they now pay just $46 a month for a better plan.

Tony & Anna

Tony and Anna would do anything for their kids, but could never afford to buy health insurance for themselves. Financial help cut the cost of their plan by $300 so it finally fits their budget.


When Kathy went through breast cancer treatment, she ended up with $18,000 in medical bills ­ even with insurance. With financial help, she was able to buy a better plan with almost no out-of-pocket costs for the same price.
Check Out Your Options

Real Coverage

Enrollment is open for people who are eligible for Medicaid or CHIP and for those who experience a “life event” like getting married, having a baby, losing job-based coverage and more.

And if you're an individual earning up to $45,960 a year, a family of four earning up to $94,200 a year, or somewhere in between, you might get financial help to pay for your new plan.

Visit your state's health insurance marketplace to see what you qualify for:

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